Ironing & laundry

Step away from the ironing board...

When you’re pressed for time, Impress Dry Cleaners come to the rescue with their laundry and ironing services.

Laundry can soon pile up. Work clothes, kids’ footie kits, bedding... before you know it, the washing’s taking over. Allow us to take a load off and do it for you. We’ll get your laundry washed, dried and returned to you all nice and neatly folded.

We can take care of your ironing, too. No standing around slaving over shirts, skirts and trousers. We’ll iron out the wrinkles, get collars and cuffs under control and keep your clothes from looking shiny. Your clothes will be returned to you on wire hangers – with the option to have shirts folded for an additional charge.

Ironing costs £4.95 per kilo (excludes shirts). View all pricing by clicking here.

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